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Eagle Ford Shale

The Eagle Ford shale of South Texas is a growing oil and gas exploration area. It covers a broad area from Gonzales county in a southwest direction to Webb county, Texas. At this time, we don't know the productive area but some good oil and/or gas wells have been drilled. As with any oil and gas exploration "play," there will be "sweet spots" and also dead spots! Here's to hoping your mineral rights are under land that's in a good spot!

A shale is a type of rock. The Eagle Ford shale is a shale rock formation named for Eagle Ford, Texas. Shale is a known "source" rock in oil and gas terms. This means that it contains oil and/or gas. But, in the past, a shale rock has been too impermeable, also known as "tight." Meaning, it would not easily give up the oil and/or gas trapped within the rock. This all changed with the advent of horizontal drilling and a completion process known as hydraulic fracturing -- "frac." These two developments have made it possible to extract commercial quantities of oil and gas.

Mineral Rights

Mineral rights owners are enjoying a nice payday. Lease bonuses are very lucrative. Click on the page in our top menu to get more information about leasing Eagle Ford shale mineral rights.

And for those who leased early and did not receive a large lease bonus or for those who just wish to tap in to the money currently being thrown at this play, selling Eagle Ford shale mineral rights is an option. Some people could use extra money for various reasons or they just understand that oil and gas exploration is a very flighty industry and they wish to get some sure-thing cash. A mineral owner does not have to sell all. Many people don't even realize that they can sell mineral rights but this mineral rights expert explains that it can be done. And, in fact, here is a website that explains exactly how to sell mineral rights.

Eagle Ford shale royalty owners, whether it's oil royalties or gas royalties are not the only ones who can enjoy a nice cash payday. Even non-producing Eagle Ford shale mineral rights owners can get the big cash! Sometimes, it makes sense to do so. And we'll be covering just what your options are on this site. In the meantime, if you have a question you would like to see addressed, please contact us and we'll consider writing your answer on this site.

Good luck, let's hope that the Eagle Ford shale turns out to be a boom, rather than a bust!